Women’s Brazilian- $60

Everything off, front and back. Unless you want to leave a little. That’s okay, too. Includes the "treasure trail" if you have one.

Bikini Full – $50

Everything you want taken off the front, but nothing off the rear.  Includes the "treasure trail" if you have one.

Bikini Line – $30

Just the top and sides. Basically whatever would show about 3 inches outside a modest swimsuit. Includes the "treasure trail" if you have one.

Brow Shaping – $20, Brow Design and Tint - $40

Consultation, wax, and tweeze to finish. Tint if selected.

Lip, chin, nose, ears – $10 (per service)

Lip and Chin Combo – $15

Sideburns or Jawline – $15

Full Face – $50

Includes brows, hairline, forehead, nose, lips, chin, cheeks, sideburns, jawline, and the front of the neck. All of these services, or just the ones you want, priced as a more affordable package.

Underarms – $20

Half Arms- $30

Either half of the arm, including the elbow.

Full Arms- $45

Full arms, up to but not including shoulders.

Half Legs – $50

Either half of the legs, including knees.

Full Legs – $80

Full legs, from the bottom of the bikini line area to the tips of your toes.

Chest – $30

Stomach – $25

From the top of the bikini line to wherever your happy trail ends or your sternum begins, whichever is first.

Full Back – $55

Shoulders - $15

Other – pricing varies

If there is a service you want that you don’t see here, just contact me.


About our wax... 

Pretty Bird uses only the finest hard wax available to ensure your services are as painless as possible while still delivering superior results. The low temperature of application ensures less irritation to your skin, while Meg’s years of experience means she is able to pick up even the finest hair without needing sticky strip wax. Please read the FAQ and Wax Prep for tips and tricks before coming in for your waxing services.