Customized Facial - $100

Customized facial using powerful powder blends and USDA organic masks. Recommended every 2-6 weeks, depending on the client's skin care needs. Can be tailored for all skin types. All facial treatments include home care recommendations and education. 

Please allow about 90 minutes.


Osmosis Facial Infusion Treatment: $125

Nutrient infusion facial. The first non-acid, non-peeling "peel" in the industry. Gently resurfaces the skin and increases fibroblast activity. With no downtime, Infusions are safe for all skin types at all times of year. (It is highly recommended that you use an Osmosis Treatment A Serum for 4 weeks before your first infusion to maximize your benefit.) 

Please allow about 45 minutes.


Osmosis Infusion PLUS: $150

The ultimate combination. With his treatment, you get all the relaxation, results, and pampering of a Customized Osmosis Facial along with the incredible boost in results seen with an Infusion.  As with the Infusion Treatment service, it is recommended that you use an Osmosis Treatment A Serum for 4 weeks leading up to your facial to ensure your skin is properly prepared for the nutrient infusion. 

Please allow about 90 minutes.


Hydration Treatment: $60

This facial is a shorter service with fewer of the bells and whistles, making it perfect for clients who, for whatever reason, need or want to forego parts of the regular facial experience. During your consultation, we will determine what your needs are and customize your treatment accordingly. Meg is certified in Oncology Esthetics, and this facial is perfect for clients looking for a soothing and rehydrating treatment while going through cancer therapy. 

Please allow about 45 minutes for intake and treatment.


Acne Treatment: $90 first time/$75 subsequent treatments

A no-frills, deep cleaning, extraction, and calming focused treatment for both teen and adult clients struggling with acne. 

Please allow about 90 minutes for the first session and 45 minutes for intake and treatment on all subsequent treatments. 


Please email for a consultation appointment before booking a facial so together we can choose the service that best fits your needs. 

Advanced modalities available at Pretty Bird include high frequency, LED therapy, Thermolo thermoelectro dessication, ultrasonic extractions, and non-cavitation ultrasonic product penetration. Based on your skin's needs and any contraindications discussed during our consultation, I will use any and all of the appropriate modalities for you, most of which are included in the cost of your facial.